About Me



Midori (みどり, ミドリ, 緑, 翠) is green in Japanese. The site was named Midori Kitty Kitty because I love all things green and I have an ignorant yet severely cool cat named George (he, incidentally, was named after Joji “George” Koizumi from Paradise Kiss). Another kitty was thrown in for good measure.

I’m just a student trying to tell the world that makeup isn’t a bad thing. K-Pop, anime and manga is mainly what drives me to keep going. Not to mention makeup.

While I try to keep every post strictly about the topic, I have a little space (usually not more than a tiny paragraph) reserved for my own thoughts and for the whats, whys, hows and whens of said topic. It’s called The Backstory, inspired by Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz‘s routine stories of the same name to Perry the Platypus. It’s always good to have a little “me-time”, isn’t it?

Hope you have a pleasant stay at Midori Kitty Kitty. Try saying it fast, it’s fun. ^^