Internet Ban

Long time no see, folks. For the lack of posts this time around, I have a relatively astonishing excuse. You see, internet services have been banned, by the government, where I reside. Due to increasing socio-political unrest in the region, the government has suspended and restricted internet services. I do not wish to comment on my personal stance regarding the entire ordeal but I would like to document this unwelcome deed on the blog just the same.

I shall link a few articles below to shed light on this matter.

I’ve found a place with WiFi so I can only hope to get some work done. I haven’t seen my email inbox this full in a while. As far as posts on the blog go, I will schedule a few to get published while I hope for internet services to get reinstated.

I’ll see you all soon.


NE students protest against Citizenship Act –

As protest turns violent, citizens call for restraint –

PM, CM’s tweets fail to reach people in State –
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