It melted…

Hello, everyone. As you can probably tell, this was an unplanned/unscheduled post. The idea was to write an homage to this product before it turned into mush. Hence, the odd photographs and what not. You can’t not write a post on this product, it’s that post-worthy. Continue Reading

Review (or Rant): Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner in ’77’.

Hi, everyone. There are times when you empty your wallet on a certain product, expecting it to blow you away with its quality. There are also times when that very product, produced by a company that hardly ever lets you down, just doesn’t impress you. No matter how much you try to like it and however many methods you use to apply it. Those situations are such a bummer, right? Here I have a product that I absolutely cannot seem to ever like. Continue Reading

Review: L’OREAL Paris True Match Super Blendable Foundation in ‘W3 Golden Beige’.

Hi, everyone. Base products work differently for each person. Something that works for your best friend, may not necessarily work for you. That is because everybody has different skin types. Not only that, everybody has different needs – perhaps somebody wants heavier coverage, somebody else might want something lighter and fresher. Always, always take your time to choose your foundations (or any other base product) and if you really, really like what it does, give it a chance. Continue Reading