Review: Pat McGrath Labs LUST: Mini MatteTrance Lipstick Trio in ‘Skin Show’.

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Hello, hello. I’ve been gone for far too long – again, I know – but I’ve been busy trying to let Finals get the best of me. I’ve also been dealing with a couple of illnesses that have just been making me feel… low. What better way to shake off the bad vibes and de-stress from Finals via a new post on lipsticks?  Continue Reading

Review: Jill Stuart Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Tint in ’08 Apple Trick’.

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It would’ve benefited me a whole lot more if I had posted this back when it had launched and was still relevant. But I seem to enjoy irrelevance more. That being said, I just kept having meltdown after meltdown, which is perhaps the reason why I haven’t posted as much lately. Wow, that was an unpleasant way to start off a post on such a beautiful product. Never mind all that now. I’m here, let’s talk about this. Continue Reading