Midori turns 5!


Midori Kitty Kitty turns 5 today!


I made a wreath spelling out five in Roman Numerals. I wanted to buy a cake too but I’m broke. Already saving up to buy one next year, by the way!


It’s as if five whole years just zipped us by. I was an Undergrad student when I started this blog. I, now, have a Master’s Degree. Yeah, I didn’t think I’d last through all that pain either.


I feel like Midori Kitty Kitty has captured my growth throughout the years – from the good to the bad and ugly. I hope to continue to grow along with this blog.


I pictured Midori as a five-year-old today and it made me smile. She’s a part of me, yes, but I’ve always pictured her as someone far more innocent. And, well, happier. I’m trying my best to not get sappy.


I hope to continue writing about things that I love, like, dislike or detest. And I hope to always be of help.


Many thanks to Reep, Babychu, Yixing, Nero, Neo, and the girlfriend. Thank you for always being there for me. Midori Kitty Kitty and I would be nothing without you.


Special little thanks to my 5-month-old kitten, Thomas, for being the “Kitty Kitty” to my “Midori”. All these years after George, the Universe finally sent you my way. It couldn’t be anything short of a miracle. Miracles happen. Hahaha… Stop being so damn sappy, man.


Thank you for giving Midori Kitty Kitty a chance. I’m truly grateful for all your support and love. Here’s to many more years!

*pours some iced tea*

Cheers! ♥


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