Going on a No/Low Buy.

I realise that it is easier said than done but I truly do want to buy less this year.


I’ve been meaning to go on a No/Low Buy for a while now. I believe the last time I did so was back in 2016 and I felt great about it. There was less clutter everywhere and most of my belongings were organised to a certain degree.


Last year, I went overboard with my purchasing. What’s more, I always felt guilty after buying something. I didn’t feel like I needed it.


To tone things down, I wish to go on a Low/No Buy for the next few months. I’m aiming for the next six months, actually. If I mellow out even more by then, I will most definitely go on to extend the “test period” and make it seem like a normal aspect of my life. You know, curb the desire to buy anything and everything in sight.


Apps and sites are definitely no help. Brands, too. There are tempting offers and deals everywhere. New products launch almost every week. They are forcefully shoved down our throats regardless. But I’m starting to understand how they’re all more or less the same things. Perhaps repackaged, perhaps reformulated. But they’re all the same.


I also just want to burden Mother Nature less with my impulsive shopping. She doesn’t deserve it. She deserves love and care. That’s also one of my other goals this year – to plant more trees and flowers. Maybe I’ll do a separate post on that some day.


I also wish to treat the money I earn with respect. RESPECT, you hear? I mean, I work hard like everybody else and I don’t like it when my money goes into buying junk I don’t even need. I wish to do more good with my money. Make others smile. Make others feel better. Yes. I’m all for that.


Since I’m a recovering magpie, I won’t completely block myself either. I have a couple of exceptions to the No/Low Buy I’m allowing myself:


  • Seasonal Releases from the Luxury Japanese Beauty Brands. I get to make up my mind and pick one (AND ONLY ONE) item from the upcoming Spring & Summer Collections each. If I feel like none of the brands have put out anything worth my time, it’ll be an automatic skip.


  • Ground-breaking, head-exploding new formulas. I’m going to have to trust my skills to discern whether a formula is completely original or not.


I’m also going to replenish my Skincare/Bodycare products as they run out, of course. But seeing how many of such things I purchased last year, yeah, I’m not running out of them anytime soon.


The good news in this self-imposed test of restraint (and self-respect) is that I’ll finally get around to reviewing things I should have written about ages ago.


Yeah. The Limited Edition item I bought a long time ago that you probably can’t procure now? Yeah. I’ll get to it now.


I’m just happy to be writing more and not chasing after some new launch or the other.


Remember, kids, it’s all the same. THE SAME.


I’m so punk right now.



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