Quickie: A’PIEU x Rilakkuma Melting Hand Balm

A'PIEU x Rilakkuma Melting Hand Balm


It’s Day 6 of Skincare Week and I quickly want to talk about this delightful hand cream. Since it was a Limited Edition Collaboration, snatch it up before it’s gone. Oh, and this counts as skincare, right? Of course it does.


A'PIEU x Rilakkuma Melting Hand Balm

This “hand balm” is thicker and heavier than your average hand cream. It has a lovely fruity-floral scent. I wouldn’t recommend using it during the day. It’s best suited as a treatment for your hands; apply it after doing all your chores (making dinner, washing the dishes, doing the laundry) at night. Your hands will be moisturised and soft by next morning. . It takes care of extremely dry hands too and acts as a protective barrier.


Also, I loooooooooooove things that come in tin packaging. It’s one of my greatest weaknesses. I have no clue why.


Get it before the adorable Rilakkuma packaging sells out!


LINKS: It’s sold out everywhere but the 3-piece set is still available on RoseRoseShop!



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