Can I Talk About This Nail Polish?


The answer is yes, I can. The thing is, I don’t know what the number or shade name of this beautiful nail varnish is. I peeled off the sticker ages ago, thinking I wouldn’t like the colour or the formula much. Wow, I was terribly wrong!

I cannot find this nail polish online for the life of me. I want to know the number of this white-based pastel blue goodness. Sadly, it looks like this may just be the last bottle I’ll ever see of it. I love the formulation too – it is opaque (you could even do a single coat and call it a day; it’s that good), smooth and doesn’t chip and leave you in agony.


Moral of the post this Wednesday is, always jot down the number/name of something you like before you go about like a madcap and peel off the stickers and everything that represents its existence.



Just look at this beauty. I’ve learned my lesson.



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