Experimenting with Purple Lips



Lately, I haven’t been able to look past a purple lip. If not purple, I tend to go for the bluish pinks that have the tiniest tinge of purple. I must be falling in love.


I get it. Purple isn’t exactly the easiest colour to pull off or to wear on a regular basis. I get it. But hear me out. There are so many different tones and shades of purple that you are bound to find something you like. You can start off with a lighter purple and work your way to darker tones.


If you’re still not sold, you can go for cool-toned pinks. Some cool-toned pinks have a little bluish-purple tinge running through them. Think of MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous. That’s a cool-toned pink bordering purple.


*I don’t think you should let undertones bother you. Sometimes, even people with warm undertones can pull off cooler shades and vice versa. You should freely wear whatever colour you like. Any shade of lipstick that makes you like, wear it happily!




Most of the days, I opt for either of these two gems. The Aritaum Style Pop Pudding Tint in ‘Lollipop’ is my go-to for a long-lasting purplish stain. The more layers you put on, the more purple it looks. On the other hand, the Innisfree lipstick is a pinkish purple that can be built up to look more purple.


Both of these lip products are beginner-friendly. I say that because I worked my way to the darker hues from these two. ^^



Now, onto the darker purples. These kinds of shades require a little more confidence. I suggest wearing a bold purple lip at an evening party. Of course, if you want to wear it during the day, I’ll take my hat off to you.


Darker purples come in a lot of different tones. Keep in mind that true purples tend to make the teeth appear yellower. If that is an issue with you, look for red-based purples or blue-based purples. This Revlon Matte Balm in ‘Shameless’ has a slight red tinge to it while the Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in ‘Violet Incognito’ has a deep pink tinge to it.


Darker shades like these tend to be patchier and precision is key with them. You could use a lip liner or a lip brush, as per your wish. And if you’re lazy (like yours truly), you could just apply straight from the bullet and call it a day. In the photo, I had a patchy layer of the Revlon Matte Balm which I smoothed over with the YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick.


*TIP: I tend to let the lips be the focus whenever I wear such a bold purple hue. That means little to no eye makeup and a very fresh base.


What lip colour have you been rocking lately? I would love to know!


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