Quickie: Nivea Lip Care.


Let’s end February by starting a brand new series on the blog. I’ve always wanted to do a series like this – where I  talk about products that don’t quite  make the cut for a full-fledged post. We have the girlfriend decorating our class blackboard to start off the series.


Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm, Nivea Fruity Lip Care


These are fairly new to the market. They are lip balms packaged in squeeze tubes – very handy for when you’re on the go or you need a lip-topper to soften your lips (won’t get messy like your average stick lip-balm). The formula on these vary slightly. Keep in mind that these are both topical lip balms; wherein they don’t treat chapped lips, they simply provide some moisture for a short period of time.

The blue one (Essential Care) is thinner and smoother. It’s also mentholated – very strongly, at that. The mentholated sting and effect does linger for a while after application. It does not contain any SPF.

The white one (Fruity Care) is slightly thicker and more balm-like. It smells like strawberry ice-cream. It’s the more moisturising one between the two. It does not contain any SPF.

They are both winners. You can grab either depending on what you like more, if you’re a mint person or a strawberry person.


LINKS: Fruity Care, Essential Care.


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