You look so cute when you blush.


Hi, everyone. Let’s talk about some blushes that you need to check out this summer. Summer is not entirely over and even if it is going to end soon, I am quite sure these could transition into Autumn blushes as well.

UPDATE: Let me get the obvious out of the way – I haven’t been blogging much lately and whatever I have posted has been irregular and unscheduled. This has been happening because my beloved laptop broke down half a month ago and using the spare laptop is as good as nothing since it doesn’t have any of the files that I require for my blog. My most recent blog post was a collaboration between the WordPress App and my patient best friend who filled in the blanks with her laptop. It’s been a mess, really. I cannot wait to get my laptop fixed and create a blogging schedule and some good content (Not only reviews and such). Let’s hope for the best. ^^

THE BACKSTORY: Basically, whenever I do my makeup the thing I look forward to the most is applying a pretty blush. You can say that blushes are my favourite makeup item. Many people either focus on their lips or eyes but the thing I usually gravitate towards are coloured cheek. As strange as that may sound I believe that blushes add life and dimension back onto your face. Here’s a look into some of my favourite little blushes at the moment. I apologise for not being able to attach even a simple swatch photo; once my laptop is back up I’ll try to click and attach the image.


1. Bobbi Brown Powder Blush in ‘Pale Pink’ (28$, approx. 1823 INR but I paid 2000+ INR for this): This award-winning blush formula is incredibly smooth, finely milled and both sheer and pigmented simultaneously. While that sounds merely impossible this blush gives the most lucent flush of colour to the cheek. It is a bright and blue-toned pink with a matte finish. I usually wear it during the day as opposed to at night because I find that it somehow manages to last through even the most humid weather. It contains 3.7 gms of product.


2. Innisfree Mineral Blusher in ‘#2 Coral’ (12$, approx. 800 INR): This is a s bright as ‘ Pale Pink’ but is warm-toned as opposed to cool-toned. This is extremely pigmented and loud, though a light hand will ensure that you don’t look like a clown. Again, this blush is more day appropriate. It contains 5 gms of product.




3. Benefit Cosmetics Fine One One (30$, approx. 1963 INR, but I paid 2000+ INR): This multi- purpose item has three shades of a very creamy and smooth product. The first colour is a shimmery champagne-yellow highlighter, the second one is a red-toned coral and the third one is supposed to be a bronzer but is quite orange-toned. Overall this is a very warm and sun-kissed look to the face. I do like the consistency of the highlighter more than the other two shades. This is extremely foolproof and is an amazing cheat product for lazy people. I adore the rose-gold packaging and just how convenient it is. It contains 8 gms of product.





4. The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick in ‘Pink’ (16$, approx. 995 INR): This stick actually lifts up to its multi-purpose claims. It looks equally good on both the lips and the cheeks. It is retractable and travel-friendly. It contains beeswax which makes it very creamy and velvety. It gives a dewy and healthy flush of colour to the cheek. This is another blue-toned pink. It contains 4 gms of product.


5. Essence Cosmetics Blush Up! Powder Blush in ‘Pinky Flow’ (6$, approx. 399 INR): This blush is honestly nothing special. It doesn’t last very long but for the price you get an amazing amount of product and decent colour payoff. It is a gradient blush so you have the option to work with two individual colours or swirl it together. It contains 8 gms of product.



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