Versace Vanitas and its beauty.

versace vanitas

Whoosh. Hello, you guys. I’m now cracking my knuckles and joints and preparing myself to write a few good reasons why you should give this Versace perfume a whiff. And possibly, buy it too.


Top Notes: Lime

Heart Notes: Freesia, Tiare Flower

Base Note: Tonka Bean, Cedar



The first time I stumbled upon this perfume was in the form of a sample. I got three samples for free when I was on an insane perfume-purchasing binge; two of them being samples of this particular perfume. It was love-at-first-whiff.


A perfect marriage of fresh and feminine floral notes, this perfume is your answer to “strong yet graceful”. Fresh, juicy, citrusy notes blended with soft floral and woody notes? Why, thank you, I’ll take 20. The tiare, lime and freesia are immediately detectable. The dry-down later dispels the woodiness within the fragrance through its warm cedar base. The fragrance isn’t something that I’d typically describe as warm or comforting (it is nowhere near warm as Gucci Guilty). However, it is warm in a way that it almost immediately envelopes your entire being. The warmth is definitely there, because you can detect the richness the moment you take a whiff or spritz it on. The warmth is balanced by an aloof, floral yet icy aura.


You’re thinking I’m writing gibberish, perhaps. But, no, it’s just what I feel this perfume signifies – balance.


It’s such a great balance of freshness, floral and woody notes. It’s refreshing, sweet yet not overwhelming so and light enough for regular use. The sillage is moderate and it lasts well throughout the day. You may not be able to smell it on yourself at the end of the day but its remnants will remain on your clothes. If you find it heavy for use during the day, you could always wear it during the night. It makes a beautiful night fragrance too.


I personally like to wear it on special occasions or during night-time events.



SIZES: 30 ml (pictured), 50 ml and 100 ml.


PRICE: Ranges from 3000 INR to 6000 INR, depending on the size. The 30 ml is usually $54/£38, the 50 ml is $76/£53 and the 100 ml is $143/£100.


AVAILABILITY: You can find it on popular e-commerce sites like Nykaa, perfume stores such as Parcos and even in Sephora. It’s a widely available perfume, you will have no trouble finding a good retailer. ^^

Versace Vanitas







  • It's a beautiful fresh/floral scent and is very feminine.
  • It can be worn during the day and even at night. The choice is yours to make.
  • It lasts well, even through humid temperatures.
  • The first burst may intimidate you with its strength. However, do not get flustered - moments later, the true scent will unravel itself.


  • Sensitive noses may find it a little too strong.
  • That being said, I have a sensitive nose and I've never encountered any problems with this particular perfume.


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