Review: Addiction Cheek Polish in ‘Tadzio’.

addiction cheek polish tadzio

Hello, everyone! Let’s take a look into my favourite purchase of the year. I’m a blush loving girl but this little gem takes it to a whole new level.


THE BACKSTORY: Addiction by Ayako is one Japanese makeup brand that I’ve wanted to try out for the longest time. Their cheek products, in particular, caught my eye. This winter, I decided to bite the bullet and just order one of their cheek products. Since I have nothing remotely similar to their Cheek Polishes in my collection, I decided to go for it. I’m in love, what else is new?


addiction cheek polish tadzio


THE PRODUCT: If I were to describe this product in a sentence, it’d be impossible. Its beauty cannot be described in one sentence, really. This liquid blush greatly resembles your typical nail polish bottle. In fact, when this came in the mail, one of the labels, in capital letters, read “NOT A NAIL POLISH”. The frosted glass bottle, the nail polish brush applicator – it’s just like a nail polish! If you were to judge it solely by packaging, anybody would be fooled.


This liquid blush is an intensely pigmented and opaque little gem. You’d think the colour would be lighter when you swatch it or apply it on your face, but, no, what you see in the bottle is essentially what will end up on your cheeks. Extremely easy to blend out, this blush is an absolute dream come true for makeup lovers and beginners alike. It lasts throughout the day, even withstanding the most humid weathers (trust me on this). It stains the cheeks immediately upon contact and looks dewy and fresh all day. Once you blend it out, you’re left with cheeks that feel silky-smooth to the touch.


’06 Tadzio’ is a bright neutral pink that will bring out the rosiness on your cheeks. You could go heavy handed with it or you could tap away to a more sheer finish. The choice is entirely yours.


addiction cheek polish tadzio

The nail polish-like brush applicator (so not in focus here, sorry)

addiction cheek polish tadzio

The same amount swatched twice

addiction cheek polish tadzio

The same amount blended out on once; intact on the other side

Since the packaging resembles a bottle of nail polish so much, the hygiene factor comes into play here. Would you really risk the pimples? The solution to this is quite foolproof, just take some product out and place it onto the back of your (clean) hand or onto a mixing palette.

WARNING: A little goes a long way with this particular shade.



addiction cheek polish tadzio

Dotted on the cheeks in the top photo; blended out and ready to go in the bottom ones ^^


APPLICATION: It took me a little while to wrap my head around the application process of this product. After reading countless reviews and picking up some tips, I’ve come to find that fingers are your best friends whenever you apply this product. You could try a makeup sponge or a stippling brush as well but clean fingers are just what I prefer.

  • I shake up the bottle well before application. Then, I take the excess off on the bottle opening and I place the liquid blush on the back of my hand.
  • I dot my cheeks with the blush and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Then, I pat the dots into place and enjoy the pretty and fresh flush to my cheeks. ^^


Screenshot from 2015-12-13 20_12_30-1-1


SHADES AVAILABLE: 8 variants are currently available on their site. (Side note: how gorgeous are those colours? Ugh, I want each and every one of them. One day. I’m telling you. One day.)


PRICE: 3000 JPY- 4000 JPY. Differs from site to site. It’s a lot cheaper when you buy it in store in Japan.


AVAILABILTY: Addiction’s website, Ichibankao etc

Addiction Cheek Polish in 'Tadzio'.









  • The pigmentation and opcaity are incredible.
  • The longevity is impressive to say the least.
  • The shade range consists of some extremely interesting options.


  • Availability is an issue.



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